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AYSO serving the youth of Oak Park and surrounding communities

AYSO Region 697 is an all-volunteer organization providing spring and fall soccer programs for elementary through high school players from the Oak Park area.

Teams are balanced and organized by age. It's all about the kids.

Participation is open to all. Volunteers welcome.


AYSO is a Parent Participation Organization.

You can think of it like a cooperative farmers market, where everybody pitches in to help and everybody shares in the benefits. This is not like a daycare program where you pay a fee, drop your kids off, and sit back and watch someone else teach your kids soccer and sportsmanship. AYSO fees are kept to the absolute minimum to just cover the basic operational costs. Everything that actually gets done happens because someone jumps in to do it.

Other soccer programs that cost four to ten times as much have paid staff and paid referees, and you can simply show up at games to cheer your kids on. But they are not the AYSO experience. If you are a single parent with three kids, we certainly understand the challenges you face and do not expect things you just cannot give. And, for everyone, keeping track of uniforms and gear, and getting kids to practices and games on time, is no trivial task.

But, for most families, helping one hour each week to actually put on the games should be a small price to pay for the privilege of seeing your children learn and grow.

Parents are involved from registration to coaching, refereeing, preparing the fields for the games, pictures, uniforms, staff, division coordinators, and as board members. There is always room for more volunteers. Click here to CREATE A NEW AYSO VOLUNTEER ACCOUNT in eAYSO, then jump in.

Here are some great ways to help out in AYSO:

Easy Stuff

Registration Day Help

For both the Fall and Spring seasons, registration day is a very busy one. This is the day where parents come in to register all the players, pay their fees, and sign up as volunteers (hint). There are many ways to help out on registration day: be a greeter, man a table, help with traffic flow, organize paperwork, etc., etc. Registration is divided up into a series of stations, and you can help for an hour or all day. We even feed you.

Event Volunteer Coordinator(s)

Volunteer to coordinate volunteers. This job is perfect for a small group of people to split, or to have one per division. If you are organized, can make phone calls, can plan small events, but are not able to volunteer on the field, then this is the job for you. Volunteers need to be coordinated for registration day, picture day, field lining, equipment moving, etc.

Other Volunteer Functions

We have lots of roles! Sometimes, parents help out by keeping the fields ready for play. A group of parents will meet at the field, and go over the existing lines with a paint sprayer (we provide) and prepare the field for the games the next morning. It is not difficult and many parents take a lot of pride in lining the fields because their child is playing on that field the very next morning! You only line your own field! So don't be left out. Volunteering is a lot of fun.

More Interesting Jobs


Coaches are required to successfully complete the appropriate clinic to be a coach within the AYSO organization. Coaches will attend and run practice, create and implement age appropriate drills, communicate with the Division Coordinators, and develop their team to have fun and be successful. Coaches are encouraged to take additional clinics so they are eligible to coach older divisions.

Assistant Coach

An Assistant coach assists the head coach in running drills, attending practice, stepping in if the Coach in unable to attend a game or practice. Assistant coaches are also encouraged to successfully complete an appropriate clinic.


Referees need to take a referee class and sign up for at least one game per week. Games are available online so the referee can sign up as his/her schedule permits. Each team needs to provide at least 2 referees. Referee participation is a key factor in the U10 and older divisions and their eligibility to play in playoffs. This is the perfect job for someone who wants to be involved, but cannot commit the time to coach or for a coach that wants to be more involved with their other children in AYSO.  Training is provided free of charge.

Help on the Board

Division Coordinator

This job works really well when split between two volunteers. Responsibilities:

Initial time commitment begins in January for Spring and July for Fall to build the teams, contact coaches, and set up a coaches meeting in the beginning of August. A Division Coordinator usually attends one 2-hour board meeting once per quarter. 

Come get involved, and maybe we will eventually talk you into something that helps improve the direction and quality of our products and services.