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About AYSO Referees ref

AYSO referees are volunteers, just like the coaches, administrators, field workers, and almost all others involved with AYSO. Most referees are parents or relatives of the players. Many players are themselves youth referees.

AYSO referees range in experience from beginners to very experienced. Every year we train new referees to help the kids with their games. Beginners usually start with the youngest players. On the other end of the spectrum, several of America’s highest ranked professional referees started in AYSO and sometimes still referee AYSO games.

Becoming a Referee for AYSO is Simple.

We Need You - No Experience Necessary - Many Referees Never Even Played Soccer

We can’t have games without referees. Working with the kids is great fun, and it's an excuse to get out on a Saturday and run around in the grass for a little while.

Parents are involved from registration to coaching, refereeing, preparing the fields for the games, pictures, uniforms, staff, division managers, and as board members. There is always room for more volunteers. Click here to CREATE A NEW AYSO VOLUNTEER ACCOUNT in eAYSO, then jump in.

Reffing a U8 Game

Our U8 division is reffed by parent volunteers. Instructions for reffing a U8 game can be found here.