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AYSO serving the youth of Oak Park and surrounding communities

AYSO Region 697 is an all-volunteer organization providing spring and fall soccer programs for elementary through high school players from the Oak Park area.

Teams are balanced and organized by age. It's all about the kids.

Participation is open to all. Volunteers welcome.


Field Conditions

We do not cancel games for rain unless the fields are closed.  If it has rained within the last few days, check the OP field condition webpage or call the field condition hotlines to make sure the fields are open. For OP fields, you can sign up for an E-Alert to receive an email within the hour of any weather-releated closings.

Field condition webpage

The field condition hotlines are:

Oak Park: 708-725-2720, follow the prompt for "affiliated youth soccer"
Elmwood Park: 312-206-5913
River Forest: 708-802-1314


Our complete Rain and Storm policy is here.










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Field Locations

Oak Park Fields

Anderson: 820 N Hayes at Division, 3 blocks west of Austin Blvd.

Barrie: 127 Garfield at Lombard, 3 blocks west of Austin Blvd., directly south of I-290 Expwy.

Beye School: 230 N. Cuyler, 2 blocks east of Ridgeland, between Ontario and Erie

Carroll: 1125 S Kenilworth at Fillmore, 2 blocks west of Oak Park, 1 block north of Roosevelt, adjacent to Lincoln School

Euclid: 705 W Fillmore at Euclid, 1 block east of Oak Park, 1 block north of Roosevelt Rd.

Field: 935 Woodbine at Division, 4 blocks east of Harlem, adjacent to Mann school

Fox: 640 S Oak Park at Jackson, 2 blocks south of Madison St.

Hatch School: 1000 North Ridgeland, raised up on a small hill, 1-1/2 blocks north of Division on Ridgeland

Holmes School: 508 North Kenilworth, 2 blocks west of Oak Park Ave. on Chicago Ave.

Julian School: 416 South Ridgeland, 1 block north of Madison at Ridgeland

Lindberg: On Greenfield between Marion and Woodbine, 1 block east of Harlem Ave., 1 block south of North Ave.

Longfellow: 610 S Ridgeland Ave. at Jackson, 2 blocks south of Madison St.

Maple: 1105 S Maple, 1 block east of Harlem, 1/2 block north of Roosevelt Rd.

Rehm: 515 Garfield at East, directly south of I-290 Expwy at East

Ridgeland Commons: 415 W Lake Street at Ridgeland

Stevenson: 49 Lake St., 3 blocks west of Austin

Taylor: 400 W Division at Ridgeland

Whittier School: 715 N. Harvey, on Augusta and Harvey, 3 blocks east of Ridgeland

Elmwood Park/Chicago

River Forest

Forest Park


Melrose Park

Elmwood Park High School
8201 W Fullerton Ave
Priory North
Berkshire & William
7501 Harrison
Freedom Park
37th and Scoville
25th and Lake
Sayre Language Academy
1850 N Newland
(no restrooms)

Keep our Fields Clean - Carry In Carry Out

AYSO is joining forces with the Park District of Oak Park and the Oak Park Youth Baseball/Softball Association in trying to be more conscious about generating less waste, using more reusable containers, increasing recycling, assuming responsibility for the trash we make and taking better care of our parks. A Blue Bag Program was initiated by AYSO in 2009 to encourage soccer participants and their families to take all recyclables brought into the park during sports activities home with them. We have taken this program one step further by implementing a Carry In/Carry Out Waste Minimization program. The success of this program depends on the cooperation of all coaches, players and families. We need your help. Please take a look the full policy and instructions here.