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AYSO serving the youth of Oak Park and surrounding communities

AYSO Region 697 is an all-volunteer organization providing spring and fall soccer programs for elementary through high school players from the Oak Park area.

Teams are balanced and organized by age. It's all about the kids.

Participation is open to all. Volunteers welcome.

Coach Training & Certification

Training is available in a number of ways. Classes for coaching are given locally by our Region. There are also classes offered by our Area. There are also some classes available online. Before you can coach, you must be certified as a coach for the specific age division. We strongly recommend that you spend some time in a local on-the-field class to learn firsthand from our experienced coaching staff.


- Check the CALENDAR for upcoming coach training classes
- Check out the AYSO Online Training options (you will need an eAYSO.org volunteer ID. Contact Oak Park's CVPA if you need your volunteer ID.)

Coaches / assistant coaches must have the Player Registration forms with signed medical releases at all practices and games. It is suggested that the coach copy a set of these forms for the assistant coach.


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